Preliminary Evaluation Of ION-ZC1 As A Potential Anticancer Agent In Vitro

The ION-ZC1 solution is a responsive cytotoxic agent against: 
- Renal carcinoma cell line Caki-1 (IC50 36.12 ± 1.00 μM)
- Triple Negative Breast Cancer (MDA-MB-231)
- Melanoma cancer cell line A375 (IC50 95.20 ± 1.01 μM) 

While also highly selective when compared to the cytotoxicity of ION-ZC1 on control cells IMR-90 (IC50 142.6 ± 6.65 μM).

The ION-ZC1 solution induces apoptotic death in 92% of renal carcinoma cell line Caki-1 at dose IC50 36.12 ± 1.00 μM.

Completed in 2018 by Brooklyn College and The City University of New York, USA.