The Ionic Alliance Group ” IAG ” is a science and knowledge-driven for-profit organization leading the manufacturing and development of Ion Biotechnology Aqueous Ligands ” IBAL “. The Ionic Alliance Community is an information-based exchange, sharing its many potential therapeutic applications with its partners. IAG will pursue this mission in a manner which reflects like-minded collaboration that pursues IBAL to remain cost-effective and widely available throughout the world.
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Ionic Alliance Group, Inc.
Ionic Alliance Foundation, Inc.


The Ionic Alliance Foundation ” IAF ” is a non-profit organization with these objectives:
- Advance, promote, and publicize leading IBAL research.
- Ensure that IBAL technology will remain cost-effective and widely available throughout the world.
- Investigate the molecular mechanisms and primary targets of IBAL, participate in studies to determine both the potential effects and its most efficacious formulations.
- Collaborate with other universities, institutions, and research organizations to further IBAL technology.
- Provide a comprehensive resource for governmental, medical, and scientific professionals and organizations.
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