August 13, 2019

Dermal Irritability Single High Dose Study of Ion Gel ZCM-25® on New Zealand Male Rabbits

Methods: A dermal irritation study of the product Ion Gel ZCM-25 as a single dose 0.5 ml over an area 2.5 cm X 2.5 cm (6.25 sq cm) skin area of 3 New Zealand male rabbits. The dose used was 5 times higher than human dosing as described in the current user manual for humans use.

Results: Primary irritation index of “0”. No Irritability.

Conclusions: The study results determined that the product Ion Gel ZCM-25 when applied topically in a high single-dose administration on male New Zealand rabbits, did not cause any type of adverse reaction to the skin.

Author: UNAM – Preclinical Research Unit – UNIPREC – Dr. Azucena Ibeth Carballo Villalobos (Principal Investigator) (2019).

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