IBAL Technology

From the beginning of time minerals are the basis of life.
Ion Biotechnology Aqueous Ligands
Metals have played an essential role in biological systems from the beginning of time. As catalytic or structural cofactors, metal ions are critical to the function of up to an estimated one-third of all enzymes and have extensive roles in biological systems.

Minerals are naturally occurring chemical compounds of elements required as essential nutrients by organisms to perform functions necessary for life. 
Ionic Alliance Group discovered a chemical coordinated bonding system which delivers by polarity movement its effects systemically to the cell.

We then developed a patent pending process to consistently manufacture these formulations to desired specifications in pharmaceutical and personal care administrations.

The invention brings chemistry and biology an interface to help solve current approaches' inability to create and deliver biological homeostasis.
Ion Biotechnology Aqueous Ligands (IBAL) are an elegant, highly effective ionophoric delivery system which bypasses the digestive tract to increase the bioavailability of nutrients well above what was thought possible.

The current IBAL Formulaic Bases also consider and exploit the respective nutrient interrelationships to minimize antagonisms and maximize synergies.

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