August 15, 2016

ION-ZC1 Anti-Tumor Efficacy Study By Intravenous Injection - B16 Mouse Melanoma - 30 Mice

Safety abnormalities compared to control tumor mice were not noted for any of the animals when necropsied at the conclusion of the 14-day observation period. As the most important results from the histopathological analysis, we can state that:
(i) Tumors isolated from mice treated with various concentrations of ION-ZC1 IV injections show massive necrosis, which is not pronounced as much in tumors isolated from control tumor mice.
(ii) Blood vessels are much less frequent, less developed in the ION-ZC1 treated mice compared to control tumor mice.
(iii) ION-ZC1 injection results in spleen enlargement, which is remarkably (2-3 times) bigger in extent than that of the spleen of control (untreated) tumor mice, and consistent with ION-ZC1 inducing a strong anti-tumor immune response.

Completed in 2016 by the University of Debrecen, Hungary.

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