Ion Gel ZCM-25u00ae Clinical Capabilities

  • Prevents Infections and Kills Pathogens
  • Antiviral u2013 SARS COV-2 u2013 99.9999 % kill rate in 10 minutes
  • Antibacterial u2013 Multiple Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive Strains u2013 100% kill rate in 30 seconds
  • Antifungal u2013 Black Mold u2013 100% kill rate in 30 seconds
  • MRSA u2013 Strain u2013 100% kill rate in 30 seconds
  • Biofilm u2013 an average 50% reduction in 24 hours
  • Faster Recovery Than Regular OTC Creams
  • Repairs Top and Inner Layers of the Skin
  • High ORAC values
  • High ORP values
  • High Antioxidant Values
  • Free of Fragrance, Steroids, Hydrocortisone, and Parabens
  • Ingredients are Toxicity Free
  • Manufactured in approved cGMP pharmaceutical conditions
  • Proudly Made in Mexico

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